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Buy or Sell Construction Businesses - is the most popular business sales online, find Construction businesses for sale

  • Businesses for Sale in Japan
    Tokyo, Japan
    Asking Price:$275000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$20000 annually

    Amazing business opportunity in Japan awaits you, I would like to offer a very ideal commercial building for sale for 275,000$, Built in 1994, well maintained, design wide open space and can accomodate 300 people at one time, got 2 medium sized of

  • Businesses for Sale in Germany
    Bottrop, Germany
    Asking Price:$40000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$100,000 annually more or

    Diamond Development Company specializes in Commercialized Resort Swimming Pool construction and we are offering our expertise to those who have top resorts and wants to build indoor and outdoor swimming pools and saunas, we customize based on your

  • Businesses for Sale in Gabon
    Libreville, Gabon
    Asking Price:$18500Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$3,000-5,000 monthly

    Build your own carpentry shop in Gabon at a very affordable cost, we will provide the manpower, training and shop structure and also the marketing and accounting system, for only 18,500$ you may start up your carpentry shop. Requirements would als

  • Businesses for Sale in Finland
    Helsinki, Finland
    Asking Price:$45000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$4,000-6,000 per month

    Aces Aluminum and Glass Supply is going to close out and the entire business is for sale at 45,000$ with over 50,000$ worth of inventories still available. We are in need of money and wants the let go of the business, for normal operations we earn

  • Businesses for Sale in Fiji
    Suva, Fiji
    Asking Price:$670000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$100,000$ annually

    My family is doing build and sell business and we want to offer this cozy house with floor area of 105 sq. m./ 3 rooms with own toilets/ living room and dining with kitchen/ the floor inside the rooms uses wood tiles. The materials used for this p

  • Businesses for Sale in Equitorial Guinea
    Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
    Asking Price:$600000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$850,000$ per project mini

    San Marino Development Corporation is looking for Sub contractors to do 8 projects for the next season, those interested must have 8 years up operations, with net asset amounting to 3million and above. Cash bond of 600,000$ is required upon accept

  • Businesses for Sale in El Salvador
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Asking Price:$204000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$30,000$ quarterly

    My brother lost interest in his Brick production business it is now for sale, the work force is stable, raw materials is sufficient and reinforcement is near, some light revamp maybe on the accounting system and marketing strategy. Please send us

  • Businesses for Sale in Djibouti
    Djibouti, Djibouti
    Asking Price:$1250000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$10,000$/monthly

    Awesome and fantastic business in Djibouti now available. We have a commercial building that we used to do business, we now have 7 units vacant and we would like to have it rented or sold out for excellent businesses, We will give generous discoun

  • Businesses for Sale in Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Asking Price:$25000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$8-9% net

    Ilex Cement Factory will be needing investors for its expansion next year, we are offering a 8-9% net fix guaranteed interest monthly for a period of 6-10 months, our company will be expanding its machineries and adding more robotics too. Minimum

  • Businesses for Sale in Cape Verde
    Porto Novo, Cape Verde
    Asking Price:$340000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$1,300$ monthly rental/ or

    We are offering our house in town for 340,000$ we have recently renovated it and gave it a lot of lift, it is now in mint condition, it got 3 rooms, 1 big living room, an interesting fun kitchen as we have customized it, got 2 toilets an

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