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  • Businesses for Sale in Martinique
    Fort-de-France, Martinique
    Asking Price:$40000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$8,000$ monthy

    Fantastic Business opportunity in Port-de-France Martinque awaits you, we have developed a private fish port and now we are privatizing it and we are looking for a deserving company to handle the operations, this is great business opportunity as i

  • Businesses for Sale in Honduras
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    Asking Price:$20000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$30% from wholesalers pric

    Natures Well Premium Water Company, a very fantastic business in Honduras would like to offer distribution business for you, we guarantee that our water is pure, tasty and fresh all the time, not mentioning our very sophisticated and brand new fil

  • Businesses for Sale in Ecuador
    Crucita, Ecuador
    Asking Price:$2500Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$450$

    We are manufacturing finely finished dining and living room tables, we are now looking for business partners to order and distribute for us. Order now and we will ship to your destination, minimum order is only 2,500$ and our tables vary in price

  • Businesses for Sale in Democratic Republic of Congo
    Asking Price:$2200Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$300-500$ per month

    We are happy to offer surplus piano for sale to wholesalers and retailers, our pianos would include brands like, Yamaha, Kawai, Forest, Yang Chang and many more. We make sure that the mechanisms are checked and conditioned and tuned in standard to

  • Businesses for Sale in Congo
    Asking Price:$2200Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$300-500$ per piano

    Staccato Music Company now offers surplus piano for sale at very affordable rates, the prices starts at 2,200$ up to 4,000$, piano would include, Young Chang, Forest, Kawai, Yamaha, Campbell and many more. the resell value is very good and you can

  • Businesses for Sale in Chad
    N-Djamena, Chad
    Asking Price:$22000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$2,000-4,000 per container

    We are supplying hard wood logs, we have maple oak and mahogany to choose from and we export by container, 

  • Charity Donations For Sale
    South West England, United Kingdom
    Asking Price:$2250Sales Revenue :$39000Cash Flow :$15600

    This is a charity related cause business where boxes of sweets are out in the market place and people pay £1per bag of sweets .it is a good business but having to sell due to family commitments this is a very good price and stock will need t

  • Businesses for Sale in Belize
    Belmopan, Belize
    Asking Price:$400Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$250$-300$ savings

    Wale Staine Shipping will now cater to small and medium container load, it'll be every 1st tuesday of the month and minimum fee is 400$ about 400kg as well, for other retail shipping itll cost you 650-700$ giving you a savings of 250$-300$ USD

  • Businesses for Sale in Algeria
    Algiers, Algeria
    Asking Price:$100000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$35,000-45,000 annually

    Agriventure Farms would like to supply Grade A Superior Thai variety Rice Grains, an excellent and fantastic Business in Algeria, our product is harvested quarterly so its always fresh and absolutely clean, we have been  producing quality Ric

  • Businesses for Sale in Albania
    Tirana, Albania
    Asking Price:$3000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$50-100$ per 200 pcs.

    A very fantastic business in Albania is now available, MISTY CORN Farms would like to supply you Fresh corn, our product is guaranteed to be very sweet, no blemishes and absolutely fresh, we have been  producing sweet corn for over 10 years n

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