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  • Businesses for Sale in Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Asking Price:$700Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$75$ per 1000 pieces

    Excellent Business for Sale in Mexico. Earn big money from this business too. AGRIVICH Farms now offers Egg wholesale to major cities in Mexico City, it comes in various sizes from medium, large and extra large, we will always give a few cents dis

  • Businesses for Sale in Dominica
    Roseau, Dominica
    Asking Price:$450000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$12,000-14,000 per month

    Orange Farm is now for sale for only 450,000$ including the land. The family decide to just sell this property as there are 4 families to share it. The Oranges here are very healthy and the produce is very sweet and in great texture. Please consid

  • Businesses for Sale in Cuba
    Asking Price:$2000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$25,000-100,000$

    Havana is now part of producing finest Wines in Latin America, Macro Distilleries would like to invite those who got huge land to do business with us, we are looking for contract growers to produce the best grapes for us, if you got 0.3 acres to 2

  • Businesses for Sale in Croatia
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Asking Price:$520000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$100,000$ in 1 to 2 years

    MAYA Plantation would like to offer 25% of its Grapes plantation for sale, the land area is fertilized regularly, the sorroundings are well maintained and basically ready for next seasons plantation, we are offering it for 520,000$ with an area of

  • Businesses for Sale in Afganistan
    Asking Price:$250000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$15,000 to 25,000 annually

    Fantastic business opportunity in Afganistan. Our family lives in a remote but very private part of Afganistan, we grow our excellent crops successfully, we have been in this business for 2 decades now and it was started by my grandfather, the far

  • Farms and Land for sale
    Bastimentos, Panama
    Asking Price:$Available on requestSales Revenue :$Available on requestCash Flow :$Available on request

    The property is a titled 24.6 hectare in Isla Bastimentos. The perfect location for eco-resort, boutique hotel or a residential. The land includes the third highest hill of the island which are perfect for a multitude of living structures. The man

  • Farm Land for sale
    New Castle County, DE, United States
    Asking Price:$Available on requestSales Revenue :$Available on requestCash Flow :$Available on request

    A beautiful, spacious, custom built 4,000 sq. ft. home with 3 car garage situated on 19 acre farmlet. Formerly known as Lee's Dairy Farm, this farmlet contains 2 working wells, a silo, a milk house, and a Morton Building that alone would curre

  • Businesses for Sale Belgium
    brussels, Belgium
    Asking Price:$300000Sales Revenue :$January 2015Cash Flow :$600,000-1,000,000$ in 5 y

    Excellent and very profitable business for sale in Belgium. We are looking for contract growers to raise swines for us for our processed meat business here in Belgium, we will provide the pens and initial water work. and swine housing. Investment

  • Businesses for Sale Albania
    Tirana, Albania
    Asking Price:$430000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$22,000$ every 3 months

    Green Abundance Farms  would like to sell a portion of our Strawberries Farm with an area of 4,000 sq. m, our asking price of 430,000$ will already include full payment of the land and a strawberry processing house. Our products now would inc

  • Businesses for Sale
    Andorra la Vella, Andorra
    Asking Price:$4000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$

    Our farm is over crowed already and cannot accomodate expansion as of the moment, we would like to offer our Duck and Sheep business for only 4,000$ minimum order amount, we can supply you live Sheep or duck at a very low rate. We guarantee cleanl

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