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  • Artisanal Gelato & Dessert Cafe For Sale
    Singapore city, Singapore
    Asking Price:$200000Sales Revenue :$160000Cash Flow :$20000

    Specialised in artisanal gelatos and plated desserts, located in central & good location - Tg Pagar. Sale of coffee and tea too. Owner is looking for takeover due to other business commitments.    Business has been in operati

  • Well run family ice cream business for sale in the South East Ireland (operating since 1978)
    South East, Ireland
    Asking Price:$0Sales Revenue :$Available on RequestCash Flow :$Available on Request

    Well run family ice cream business for sale in the South East Ireland (operating since 1978) Includes: Modern fleet of 7 Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit vans fully equipped & built by Whitby Morrison (all fully health board ap

  • Businesses for Sale in Malaysia
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Asking Price:$200Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$25$ for every 100$ sold

    Everyone loves spicy product and they say you come from another planet if you hate spicy food, Leng Hui Fong farms produces so much chilis that we have made several products such as chili sause, Chili powder, chili paste,chili dried and many more,

  • Businesses for Sale in Kiriwati
    Tarawa, Kiribati
    Asking Price:$25000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$2,000-4,000 monthly estim

    We have it all, white sand beaches, warm locals, great reefs, lovely breeze and now we have a japanese restaurant to satisfy your cravings, the location is along the beach with very quite and romantic view, most of our clients are tourists and loc

  • Businesses for Sale in Khazakstan
    Astana, Kazakhstan
    Asking Price:$62000Sales Revenue :$November 2014Cash Flow :$6,000-8,000$ average

    Grand Sushi Garden is now offering franchise after we saw the excellent customer come back remarks, we train, provide equipments and give a lot of secrets to improve and make your business an excellent place to dine, relax and enjoy. Our chef trai

  • Businesses for Sale in Jamaica
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Asking Price:$15000Sales Revenue :$January 2015Cash Flow :$4,000-7,000 monthly avera

    Great news!! Awesome and extraordinary business in Jamaica is now for sale, Casual dining with fashion at our newest branch, we are offering a coffee and tea space for those interested to do business, its just adjacent to our Grand Diner and its g

  • Businesses for Sale in Israel
    Asking Price:$145000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$10,000-15,000 monthly

    Inroducing a very profitable and fantastic business in Israel is MAJESTIC STEAK HOUSE (by the Sea) located at the northern central district of Israel is now open for operator tenders, You will be amazed by how it looks how it feels too, just simpl

  • Businesses for Sale in Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland
    Asking Price:$89500Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$6,000$ quarterly

    Prosperity Restaurant is very popular for its delightful Chinese and western cuisine, weekends are always fullhouse and weekdays got max reservations for steam boat and dimsum. We are now expanding the business to attract customers for our St

  • Businesses for Sale in Iran
    Asking Price:$70000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$4,000-8,000 monthly

    Best and terrific business  in Iran now available, and its a specialty restaurant up for grabs, family functions, dinner dates, forums, meetings, and even mini concerts can be done at Marinas Seafood Garden, fresh seafoods are daily on the me

  • Businesses for Sale in India
    Delhi, India
    Asking Price:$145000Sales Revenue :$Cash Flow :$8,000 minimum per month

    If  you are looking for a business that will give you 8,000$ minimum profit (based on all average profit from 4 other branches) MANDY Burger House franchise is the best for you, we have mouthwatering Cheezymushroom Burger, quarter pounders, m

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